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Crypto investor, product manager, and tech enthusiast. I (try to) post daily!

What no one’s talking about: the unanswered problems with L2 scaling solutions

Source: Coin98 Analytics

Why DAO is the next three-letter crypto acronym to know

MakerDAO, one of the most popular DAOs in crypto

Why I’m slowly accumulating more ETH after the mid-May “crash”

Source from Pinterest

An exhaustive framework for why an MBA is not a good fit for my life goals

Image via Vasily Koloda on Unsplash

I thought I had life figured out.

Join #neversell gang with internet bonds and collateralized loans

Why DEXes are needed given the recent events with $GME

Image from Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Web3 will need a brand new form of fully-owned website

The Web3 Metaverse is only possible with name ownership

Source: Medium

There is no one coin to rule them all


An Aesop’s Fable that accurately describes my life


Jimmy Chang

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