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Crypto investor, product manager, and tech enthusiast. I (try to) post daily!

What no one’s talking about: the unanswered problems with L2 scaling solutions

Source: Coin98 Analytics

Why DAO is the next three-letter crypto acronym to know

MakerDAO, one of the most popular DAOs in crypto

Why DAOs are superior businesses and investments than traditional companies

Photo by Cytonn Photography on Unsplash

How to solve the issue of not having a single UI to view all of your holdings

Has this ever happened to you?

Why I’m slowly accumulating more ETH after the mid-May “crash”

Source from Pinterest

An exhaustive framework for why an MBA is not a good fit for my life goals

Image via Vasily Koloda on Unsplash

I thought I had life figured out.

Join #neversell gang with internet bonds and collateralized loans

Why DEXes are needed given the recent events with $GME

Image from Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Web3 will need a brand new form of fully-owned website

The Web3 Metaverse is only possible with name ownership

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