Introducing “The Crazy Future” Series

A series of essays speculating on how today’s macrotrends will shape the future

A generic futuristic and abstract stock photo. Photo by Christopher Burns on Unsplash

“The significant problems cannot be solved by the same thinking that created them.” — Einstein

By predicting the future by using data points from the present, we make incremental improvements to existing solutions. We assume that today’s problems are the problems of future.

“Getting out of the present and standing in the future is the first key to finding a breakthrough.“ — Mike Maples Jr.

Step 1: Identify inflection points that can materially change the course of humanity. These can be single events with long lasting ramifications (e.g., Covid) or macro-trends that have been slowly building up and are due to explode (e.g., smartphone adoption in the early 2010s).

Backcasting focuses on future scenarios rather than the present trends. Image from Mike Maples Jr.
I won’t be smoking a blunt while I write these theories though. Image from Vanity Fair

Crypto investor, product manager, and tech enthusiast. I (try to) post daily!

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