Payments is Helping Save the World

Fintechs are joining the fray to fight global warming

Photo by Li-An Lim on Unsplash

The payments industry has joined in the fight against global warming

Initiative #1: Per-Payment Donations

Source image via Stripe Climate
  • CarbonCure captures carbon dioxide in the air and embeds it into concrete
  • Climeworks constructs manufacturing plants that remove carbon from air
  • Project Vesta plans to add a mineral called olivine into beaches. When olivine is broken down by waves, a chemical reaction occurs that captures carbon dioxide and stores it in limestone on the ocean floor.
  • Charm Industrial is converting waste into bio-fuel
Stripe believes that carbon removal is needed to achieve our target climate. Source via Stripe.

Initiative #2: Carbon Offsetting

Image via Shop App

Initiative #3: Green Infrastructure



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