Payments Needs an Email Address

It’s time to bring payments to the Internet

How many times have you heard this conversation:

“Hey! Can I Venmo you for dinner?”

Venmo, like all other payment networks, are siloed and prevent cross-network transactions. Image via TechCrunch

Today’s payments are built for machines, not people

How many of you have memorized your credit card number?

Who actually enjoys doing this when buying something?? Photo by on Unsplash

Payments looks a lot like computer networks in the 80s

The 1980s in the U.S. was a nascent time for computers.

CompuServe advertisement showcasing its “biggest” computer network. Image via Gray Flannel Suit

Bringing payments to the Internet

It’s long overdue for payments networks to finally join the Internet. More than just being “digitized”, payments can drastically benefit from open-source protocols that allow for interoperability and human readability — analogous to TCP/IP, DNS, and SMTP/POP for computer networks.

An open, global payment network

The Internet connected us by being an open network — built on open standards and open source software.

“In the near future, a single, global payment network will enable anyone to easily pay any other person or business instantly… Payments won’t run over fragmented networks using proprietary standards to complicated account numbers, but rather, will use a united network in which all payment companies participate” — PayID website

Moreover, PayID was created to help people stay connected to one another. Its naming convention is human readable— just like what DNS provided for IP addresses — and mirrors an email address.

PayID can connect to any payment network. Image via

Unlocking the next wave of economic growth

The Internet gave us so much more than connectivity between previously siloed computer networks.



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