We’re Turning to DeFi Because the Financial System is Failing Us

DeFi’s meteoric rise shows the world’s need for new financial instruments in an inflationary environment

The state of the world is pretty bleak from a personal finance perspective.

Can we prevent this from happening?

Savings account APYs are abysmal right now, with an average of ~0.7%. Image via NerdWallet

And this problem is only exacerbated for those without bank and brokerage accounts.

Except now we can fight back

Ethereum is the leading platform for building DeFi apps. Photo by Clifford Photography on Unsplash

Why should we participate in DeFi?

Stark contrast between APYs of traditional bank accounts (above) and a DeFi app (below) — albeit a very risky one. Image via Author.
Compound offers ~3% APY for its U.S. dollar stablecoins (Dai and USD Coin). Image via Compound App

Interested in DeFi?

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